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At the December Triple Rally O Trial, the Rally O Sub Committee held a handlers seminar to explain and demonstrate the new stations that will be introduced until the new rules effective 1.1.16.

We have uploaded the videos we took that day plus the hand outs of the Recommendations and Deductions.  Each station is numbered so you can read the description corresponding to the video in the rules.  There is "some" commentary but the videos represent only a few seconds of demonstration.  Each video link will open a new window to play the videos via You Tube.

There are a few old stations included which we thought needed a bit of revision or which we thought were applicable for extra mention.


Station 32 - Moving Stand
Station 49 - Moving Stand - Walk Around Dog Qld Recommendations 2016
Station 50 - Halt - Leave Dog - Recall
Station 51 - Circle Spin at Heel Deductions Explained 2016
Station 52 - Four Cone Figure 8
Station 53 -Back Up 3 Steps
Station 54 - Halt - Leave Dog - Down - Sit - Distance Commands - Return
Station 55 - Stand - Leave Dog - Down - Sit - Distance Commands - Return
Station 56 - Moving Stand - Leave Dog - Distance Down
Station 57 - Moving Down - Walk around Dog
Station 58 - Moving Sit - Walk around Dog
Station 59 - Halt - Leave Dog - Call to Heel